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    Capital Project News “Brief Update”

    The Capital Project continues to move forward. In early January, 2016, the Board of Education was presented with the architectural plans by King&King. The plans were approved by the BOE, and forwarded to the state for their approval.
    This has been a comprehensive process ranging from community project team meetings, faculty committee meetings and finally a recommendation to the board of education.  We thank all those involved and are excited to be moving forward with this project.




    What has changed in the project


    Relocation of the principal and guidance office eliminated:

    One area of considerable concern and confusion was around the reason and need to move the principal and guidance office to a more centralized location.  During the initial stages of planning the principal and guidance offices were located on the third floor in smaller spaces that could be utilized for remedial classrooms if combined.  At the time the computer lab next to the cafeteria was being phased out with mobile labs so the space was available to consolidate these two office into one and gain two small instructional spaces.  Since early spring the district realized a need for a distance learning lab which the old computer lab was converted into.  In addition with the promotion of Mr. Fahey to Superintendent/principal there was no longer a need to consolidate the principal and guidance offices. 


    Visitor Entry:

    One of the main goals of the project was to create a new secure entry. After discussing design options, it was determined that the existing vestibule doors will be replaced.  This will allow for the secure entry to happen within the existing vestibule as shown above.  This was made possible by switching the secretary and superintendents offices and adding a new visitor window. These changes will allow for the existing library to remain accessible to student through the day and it will continue to be used for instruction space without disruption.


    Grade 3-12 Entrance:

    Another design change was the additions radiate exterior stairs to prevent ice and snow build up.  This heated stair allowed for deletion of the proposed canopy. The committees main concern was the canopies historical impact on the building.  The heated stair is viewed as the best option to ensure safety students entering the building while maintaining the historical appearance of our exterior façade.