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Robots invade ODY

This spring its all about the robots.  Mr. Rupp, Mr. Lavoie, and Ms. Heinig are all having fun with robots and the students of ODY after school. 

wedo On Wednesday's Ms. Heinig and Mr. Lavoie are working with students using the LEGO WeDo robots.  WeDo robotics are designed for younger builders (up to grade 5 or 6) a chance to explore building a robot to complete and task as well as then learning to code (program) the robot to perform its task.

On Thursday's  Mr. Rupp works with a small group of roboticists in middle school (grades 6-8) with ev3 LEGO NXT, EV3 robots as well as learning block coding more advanced tasks with Sphero Bolt and Wonder Workshops Cue robots.  Mr. Rupp says he has an alterior motive to working with these young roboticists. "Robots are fun, and we all are learning how to code these guys to do almost everything ... and I get a chance to play and build with them at this time."  Mr. Rupp is the lead coach for the ODY RoboCats, a team that competes in the First LEGO League.

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