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Holiday luncheon to be switched for Memorial Day event

This year the Student Council is changing our annual Christmas Luncheon to a Memorial Day Picnic. We know the yearly luncheon is much anticipated, however with current COVID-19 regulations, we cannot hold it this December.
Instead of canceling it altogether though, we are pleased to announce that it will be changed to a Memorial Day event. By holding it in the spring we hope to be able to have it outside with a patriotic theme. Please feel free to reach out to our advisors by phone on extensions 1306 or 1600; or you can email them at or with any questions. You can also let us know what you love best about the Luncheon so it can be incorporated into the Picnic.
When we know exact details we will post them here, so keep an eye out. And in the meantime, have a happy and safe Holiday Season.