Annual Grade 3-8 Testing in Math and ELA Information

Students in grades 3-8 taking the English Language Arts and Math exams in the spring of 2018 saw some significant changes to the exams that will be continued in 2019.

Shorter test periods

The test period is shorter; each test will take place over two days, as opposed to the three-day exams given previously. As long as students are working productively, they will be given as much time as they need to complete the test during the school day.

New test questions

The test questions have changed as well. This is the first year that test questions written by teachers from across New York state will be used extensively.

Students will read short passages and answer multiple-choice questions on the ELA exam. They will also provide evidence to explain their answers, and complete a short written passage. Students taking the math exam will answer multiple-choice questions, and show their work on more complex problems.

Not ‘high-stakes testing’

Results from this year’s tests will not be used in teacher and principal evaluation ratings. The district does not make student promotion or placement decisions on the basis of state test scores.

The school will not include the results of the tests on students’ official transcripts or permanent records. The state will also provide score reports to help parents understand how their child is doing in ELA and math.

ELA assessments will be administered April 2-4. Math assessments April 31-May 3.  This year grades 3, 5 and 6 will be taking the assessments on computers instead of paper.  Next year we anticipate that all grades 3-8 will be taking the assessments via computer. Parents with questions or concerns about the math and ELA exams may contact their child’s teacher or Mr. Fahey.