ODY Honors Military Service Members

The Owen D. Young School District is very proud of our alumni and community members who have served in the U.S. armed forces. Mrs. Wanda Armstrong has spent many, many hours over the years researching the following list of military service members who either graduated from the former Van Hornesville School, or the current Owen D. Young School District.

We realize that this list is likely not complete. If you see any errors, or would like to add someone to the list, please contact Mrs. Armstrong by email: warmstrong@odycsd.org

Students from Van Hornesville Central School who served in the armed forces prior to 1945

Charles Ackerman

Ethan Allum

Frank Andrecheck

James Andrecheck

Joseph Andrecheck

Robert Andrecheck

Charles Anthony

Frank Anthony

Michael Anthony

Edward Barker

Harold Barrett

Stanley Bayzon

Zigmunt Bednarski

Douglas Bell

William Botsford

Harold Breish

Charles Bullock

George Bundyk

Joseph Bundyk

Myron Burke

Earl Bush

Frederick Butler

Stanley Cinch

Clifford Cook

Robert Cook

Wilber Crnadall

Wilson Crouse

John Czerniawski

Joseph Czerniawski

Walter Czerniawski

Louis Czeck

Walter Czeck

Stanley Danielak

Willis DeLaney

Arthur Dingman

Eddie Donlyuk

Irving Douglas

Michael Dziadik

Ralph Ecker

Arthur Edick

Lysle Eggleston

Kenneth Engell

Gordon Fikes

Birlyn Flint

Ward Gerhardt

Derward Gifford

Ludwick Gogal

Andrew Goodell

Stanley Gresack

Michael Grescheck

Jon Gresiack

Glenn Griffith

Raymond Gros

Frank Hadcox

John Hailston

Harold Hanlon

Bruce Harter

Frank Hemenway

Henry Hemenway

Frederick Herron

Robert Herron

Leo Hynda

Leon Hoke

John Hubiak

Lester Hull

Raymond Irish

Andrew Ivan

George Ivan

Stanley Janczuk

Robert Jordan

Bruce Kennerknecht

Lorne King

Andrew Konn

John Konn

John Kozoil

Robert Krum

John Kusmak

Edward Lampman

Earl Lawrence

Francis Lawrence

Harold Lampman

Frank Layman

Robert Leneker

Donald Lighthall

Arthur Loomis

Nicholas Malinchak

Stanley Malzeski

Clyde Manclow

Samuel Mayton

Eugine McGuire

Lyman McGuire

Burton Miller

Leon Miller

William Milne

Richard Misencik

Roger Moore

Theron Moore

Wesley Moore

Benjamin Morgan

Charles Mosovsky

Russell Moyer

Wilfred Muironey

Harold Mumford

Orville Mumford

Michael Mygas

Harry Nestle

Robert Ostrander

Webster Ough

Ronald Parr

Samuel Paulus

Donald Perry

John Peskiak

Henry Pestar

Donald Petrie

Walter Petrie

Robert Pierce

Victor Phillipson

Charles Pickersgill

Curtis Pooler

Albert Posello

Fred Posello

Rufus Quinn

Frederick Richards

James Richardson

Donald Robertson

Harold Robertson

Raymond Rogers

Leonard Sadlon

Bernard Snaders

Edgar Shaut

Lester Shaut

Russell Sherman

Clarke Shoemaker

Dorlan Shoemaker

Edwin Shoemaker

Robert Shoemaker

Frank Sholver

Gordon Shriner

Quenton Shriner

Waldo Shriner

Charles Skee

Fred Smagalski

Dean Smith

Donald Smith

Everett Smith

Harry Smith

Marion Smith

Owen Smith

Glen Snyder

Harold Snyder

Howard Snyder

Joseph Sokal

George Soposki

Metro Soposki

Gerald Soule

Angeline Stallone

Michael Stallone

Oris Stallone

John Stark

Steven Stark

Nicholas Steckler

Steven Steckler

William Steckler

George Streeter

Kames Suits

John Sukocki

Russell Swetmon

Manley Tabor

George Tynda

Nicholas Tynda

Frank Ucasz

Mitchell Ulinski

Oakley VanAlstine

William VanValkenburg

Gordon Waffle

Merwin Waffle

Ralph Waffle

Harold Walrath

Andrew Wichowsky

Edward Witkowski

Ralph Wollaber

Steven Yaworski

Glenn Young

Robert Young

Vera Young

Curtis Yule

Donald Yule

Benedick Zysk

WWII and Posthumous Diplomas

During World War II, the call for aid was greatly heard and young men forfeited their high school graduations to join the military to support our country.  And there were many. Two such ODY students were:

Class of 1940: James Andrecheck, US Army Air Corps

Class of 1944: Glenn Young, Army

In 1999, Operation Recognition was created by Section 305 of New York State’s Education Law, recognizing the devotion and sacrifice of all veterans who, for this reason left school early, by declaring those servicemen eligible for high school diplomas. On June 24, 2001  ODY  presented a diploma under this provision to:

Class of 1940: James Andrecheck, US Army Air Corps

ODY alumni who have served in the U.S. armed forces:

Class of 1960 

Kenneth Edick, Army


Class of 1963 

Wayne Getman, Army


Class of 1965 

Gregory Bednarski, Army

Frederick Herron, Army

Norman Woodruff, Army Reserves


Class of 1966 

Stanley Cook, Army

Dale Gerhardt, Army

Walter Ough, Army


Class of 1967 

Joseph Soposki, Navy


Class of 1968  

David Burton Flint, Navy


Class of 1969 

Karen Collins, Air Force


Class of 1971  

Theodore Herron, Army

David Delaney, Army


Class of 1973  

Bernard Rogers, Army


Class of 1978 

Peter Puskarenko, Army           


Class of 1976 

Richard Baylor, Army

Class of 1977 

Tracey Bond, Navy

William Bouck, Army

Leland Dan Collins, Marines


Class of 1980 

J. David Sprague, Jr., Marines


Class of 1982 

Lyle Smith, Navy

Nicholas Hula, Army National Guard

Daniel Belgrader, Marines


Class of 1983 

Richard Edick, Army

 Scott Mayton, Air Force

 Michael Peplinski, Navy


Class of 1985 

Shawn Mayton, Air Force

Michael Mower, Marines

Charles Scott Moyer, Army


Class of 1986 

Todd Smith, Marines


Class of 1987 

Jerald Bernhardt, Air Force

Steven Hula, Army National Guard


Class of 1989  

Amelia Greene, Navy

Christopher Kraft , Army


Class of 1992  

David Luke, Army


Class of 1997 

Geoff Rogers, Army National Guard & Reserves

* Medic/Bronze Star recipient


Class of 1999 

Jason Galusha, Army

Nicole Mizner, Air Force


Class of 2000 

Joshua Hogeboom, Coast Guard

Seth Puskarenko, Coast Guard


Class of 2001  

Aaron Wilson, Army


Class of 2004 

Cory Barton, Army


Class of 2005 

Jessica Anglin, Navy

Seth Hammont, Air Force


Class of 2006  

Dale Wood, Army


Class of 2007  

Christopher Alfisi, Air Force

Dmitri Gvozd, National Guard

Kimberly Hugick, Army Reserves


Class of 2008   

Joshua Fuller, Army ROTC


Class of 2009   

Brenden Brouillard, Navy


Class of 2010   

Anthony King, Marines


Class of 2011   

Kyle Hoke, Marines


Class of 2014   

Natasha Mower, Army National Guard


Class of 2015   

Jeff Weeks, Jr., Marine Reserves


Class of 2016   

Misty Hess, Army


Class of 2017   

Herman Delgado, Army


Class of 2018   

Carson Hess, Air Force National Guard


Class of 2020

Hunter Coveny, Army

Class of 2021

Christian Andreev, Air Force

 Samuel Weeks, Marine Reserves


Class of 2022 

Vladimir Hula, Marines

An incomplete list of community members who served in the U.S. armed forces (in alphabetical order):

Joseph Burditt

Leland Dan Collins

Alex Dorantes

Richard Edick

Timothy Flynn

Jason Galusha

Amelia Green Geweye

John Michael Hula

Nicholas Hula

Steven Hula

Ronald Klump

Michael Mower

Charles Moyer

Peter Puskarenko

Geoff Rogers

Joseph Soposki

Brian Wilson

Emil Ziaja