A classroom of elementary students wearing camouflage salute as they pose for a picture

Ms. Folts’ third grade class went through a “State Test Review Bootcamp Day” right before spring break, with the help of Ms. Wilber, Mrs. Steinbacher and Mr. Warren. 

Ms. Folts surprised her students by decorating the room to connect with the theme. Throughout the day students worked on state test preparation in both reading and math, testing math fluency skills and strategies, and completing task cards on key academic vocabulary in reading. 

Students also worked on team building and used motor skills they had learned in P.E. class to match academic vocabulary terms in both math and reading to their definitions, and built multiplication arrays using cones! 

Students truly put their skills to the test and ended off the day with an interview with U.S. military veteran Mr. Winslow, who discussed skills that he used in the military to connect to what he does today. Mr. Winslow ended his time by passing out the students' certificates of completion of State Test Bootcamp!