a chalk board has white text and pawprints
a newspaper with black font
a jar full of coins
two adults stand in a gymnasium next to a large monitor that reads "careers in drone technology"
a lue and white graphic promoting a blood drive
a group of students hold up certificates in the school
a graphic shows a wildcat logo and the text "Congratulations"
students pose in a cafeteria holding up certificates in front of a blue banner that reads "CFES"
a group of elementary students pose in front of bags of dog and cat food
a group of high school students poses outside on the grass in front of a building
four students pose with their teacher outside
a girl poses on a wooden bench
a group of school aged students pose in an auditorium
merchandise branded with ODY and a wildcat
a woman wearing a whit and black top poses outside
Swim lessons
the cover of a newspaper shows the words "Archives Report"