four student-athletes hold up black jackets, next to a man wearing an ODY hooded sweatshirt

Congratulations to our ODY athletes who were celebrated and recognized by the school district in an assembly on Thursday afternoon.

Five athletes were presented with athletic jackets by Mike Marshall on behalf of the Booster Club. Student-athletes earn an athletic jacket after completing their first four seasons as a varsity athlete at ODY. This year, jackets were earned by:  I. Valenta, L. Schultz, B. Dunckel, C. Marshall, and V. Hula (not pictured).

Athletes who participated in a sport for all three seasons this past year included: E. Kenyon, L. Schultz, B. Dunckel, S. Demorest, I. Valenta, and C. Marshall.

Senior athletes were also recognized at the assembly, including J. Snyder, J. Rogers, R. Hajczewski, G. Kilbourn, and A. Steenburg. V. Hula was also honored but is missing from the photo.