a boy wears protective gloves and glasses as he uses a tool
a logo for ODY Science and STEM Club is next to a graphic of David's Cookies logo and a stack of chocolate chip cookies
a graduation hat is on top of books, along with a logo for Herkimer BOCES
a grey background, blue yearbook with a wildcat logo on the front and a yellow bubble of text
a woman smiles to the camera, next to a graphic that shows her name, and books with an apple on top
a female hockey team holds a championship banner while posing on the ice
two young male students use a flashlight and a blow up earth model for a science experiment
a blue pawprint made out of tile is surrounded by the words Owen D. Young Wildcats
an adult woman wearing glasses poses with three of her young female students
a logo for EZSchoolPay.com
a school lunch is shown next to text that says "Free Lunch Program Expires"
four student-athletes hold up black jackets, next to a man wearing an ODY hooded sweatshirt
a stone building is shown with a blue sky and green grass